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retired space systems engineer 1-1-2002 from Raytheon. Currently have 14 assignments/week in jail, nursing homes, prayer meetings, Bible studies + ad hoc opportunities. Background • Published author of 9 books available on; Recovery of the Whole Person, on using God’s promises for detailed recovery approaches; Real Relationships Require Respect, on many ways of improving relationships by growing in respect for self, others, and God; Discipline of the Disciple, a discussion guide to helping believers become more like Christ in being a disciple and in making disciples; and 6 Thinkable books on 12 subject categories each to contrast man’s thinking with God’s thinking. • Oldest 2 sons (of 4 grown children) had schizophrenia; managed when they're on their medicine • Began learning about mental illness around 1980 when our son became ill in high school • Served on Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Collin Co. (AMICCO) board and as past president in Plano • Served on the state TEXAMI board in Austin • Served as Trustee on Collin Co. MHMR board • Served as Trustee on. MHMRST board for Grayson, Fannin, Cooke counties • At MHMRST request, helped start and sustain Good News Peer Group monthly meetings, outings and activities to help fill MHMR service gaps. Helped submit/win Texas MH Consumers grant proposal. • Worked with CCMHMR to get a Family Support position created, and eventually the right caring and knowledgeable person in that job. Got CCMHMR much appreciation, service credit, and State Award. • Helped plan and execute MH Seminars at Collin Co. Community College and Grayson Co. College (5) • City councilman and Mayor of Lucas, TX • System Engineer - trained and experienced to look at the "big picture," what is needed, and how to get there from here, including risk management and progress measurement. Took many courses there, including training and practical problem solving as a certified Raytheon Six Sigma Specialist

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